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A one year multiple entry visa to Ireland (as I was invited on a business trip // in April) was issued to me as I presented invitation letters to Germany (in May) & France (in June) besides my initial invitation to Ireland (of course). At first, I thought that Ireland is part of the Schengen zone but it turned out to be a little bit more complicated than that. Question is: can I make to Germany & France with this kind of visa?

P.S.: Having a Lebanese passport doesn't give any kind of visa privileges.

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The answer is: No.

Since Ireland and Great Britain maintain a common area and have opted out of the Schengen Aquis Ireland's Visa holds no force anywhere in the Schengen Area.

So in order to enter Germany or France you will need a separate Schengen Visa.

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+1 Although, even though there is a common travel area, you will still won't be able to get into the UK with an Irish visa either. – user1291332 May 5 '13 at 20:56

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