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I am from China and my Schengen visa is valid until 2nd of November this year. My UK dependent visa will expire at the same time as well.

I am just wondering if I am allowed to travel 3 months before my UK visa expired?

I have seen lots of information online about Schengen visa application requirements and they all saying the applicant needs to have a valid UK visa for at least 3 months in order to apply for Schengen visa. Is it the same for people who have already have a valid Schengen visa? I am not sure if that apply on my case too. Really hope I can get an answer to confirm this so that I can go ahead and book my journey.

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Welcome to travel.SE. Are you planning to go back before your visa expires? – Karlson May 2 '13 at 13:53

Your visa says it expires on the 2 November, that means before that time, you can travel around Europe, that's what the expiry date is there for - to tell you when you are allowed to travel until.

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