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While looking around for flights from Sydney to Sri Lanka (SYD-CMB) I narrowed down the possible connections through south east Asia. The best connection was via Singapore. By pure chance I found it is cheaper to buy a code share Virgin flight than an actual Singapore Airlines ticket. This seems like a useful trick.

Is there any way to find all the code share partners for a particular route?

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Good question. Last week I booked a Czech Airlines flight to Korea which was much cheaper than the corresponding Korean air flight (identical connection) - although I couldn't find any information on Google verifying they are the same. – graup Apr 27 '13 at 8:38

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While I'm not aware of any site that just lists codesharing partners for everyone, most airlines list their codeshare partners on their website.

For the example, you give, Singapore Airlines shows the list of partners on their site. However, this is for all routes and you'd still need to work out which of those are on the route you're after.

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