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I am going to SC this summer. I wanted to visit some theme/amusement park in the neighborhood (Myrtle Beach) Can anyone suggest decent place with thrilling roller coasters?

I could only find the South Carolina Best Amusement Parks blog, but it doesn't look very trustful

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The "Intimidator" is the tallest, fastest, and longest coaster in the southeast. It's located in the Carowinds Plaza near Charlotte. They seem to have a massive number of "Thrill rides". It is a bit far away (3+ hours drive) but might be worth for a day trip.

Other parks closer to Myrtle beach are the Hard Rock Park, which looks a lot tamer, the Family Kingdom, which offers a lot of kid-friendly rides but also one wooden roller coaster.

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Thanks for the immediate answer. As for the Family Kingdom I read about it the mentioned above site – aleetesting Apr 24 '13 at 9:43

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