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I was looking for connections to the Maastricht airport. Apparently there is a shuttle but I don't find either time tables or prices. I only found to Achen.

Anyone knows if such service exists? Is the airport served by other regular bus services (excluding dedicated services like a shuttle)? What is the cost?

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On the VVV Maastricht website (VVV=Tourist Info), I see that there is a shuttle service, but also a regular bus.

The regular bus is operated by Veolia, where you need line 159, which connects the airport with Maastricht Central Station. It is an hourly service, leaving the airport at 04 every hour. The footnote is important, as it is only operated in vacation periods. Vacation periods are official holidays, which you can find on their calendar (first table!). I think you can understand the second column

The shuttle bus, I could find, is indeed mentioning Aachen, but not Maastricht.

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After calling the airport I got the following information:

There is usually a bus every half an hour from the aiport (during day time). At night and weekends it's usually every hour. It's a regular bus and it's possible to buy a ticket at the airport for 4€.

Since it's a regular bus information (timetables) can be found at

Meanwhile I discovered that there is this shuttle bus that serves the airport (click for more information). It doesn't run very often though.

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