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I would like to visit the Reichstag building in Berlin, Germany and I wonder:

  • Which parts of the building are open for tourists?
  • Is it for free?
  • Do I need a reservation?
  • Are there any restrictions for non-German citizens?
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admission is free and worth visiting. – greg121 Apr 18 '13 at 8:48
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This is the official website where you can get all the informations you asked for (in english as well):

Short summary:

  • There are no restrictions for non-german citizens.
  • You can participate in a guided tour and you can even watch a debate from the tribune of the reichstag for ~1 hour. You need a reservation for that, but you can do this online (see the link above).
  • You need a reservation too, if you want to go to the dome ("kuppel") and the roofgarden ("dachterrasse"), but this is included in some of the offers available I believe.
  • You may also visit a congressman with a group of >10 visitors, but you will need an early reservation for this.
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