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I originally planned to be in Peru for less than 60 days (which is the length of the visa given to me) but now I would like to stay longer, for 90 days. After calling the peruvian office they told me that everything would be fine as long as I paid $1 per day of time spent extra in the country.

Does anybody have any experience with this? I find this claim, even though it comes from an official, a little bit odd.

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Are you on tourist visa? From your profile I assume you are Dutch citizen - and as such you should not need a visa if you stay up to 90 days. –  Tschareck Apr 18 '13 at 11:24

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The 1 USD is not a fee, it's a fine you have to pay when overstaying your visa. There does not seem to be a possibility to extend the visa, once you are in Peru, but if you have the chance to leave Peru somewhere for a day and come back, you might be able to stay longer - specially as a tourist.

If you are a resident citizen of the Netherlands, you should be able to get a 183 days visa on arrival for tourism. If you work there, this is a different issue however.

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