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When hiring a car with driver in Sri Lanka, I am led to believe that the hotels provide accommodation and meals free to the driver.

How would this work if instead of hotels we used home-stays? Is this likely to present any problem? Would I be expected to pay for the driver's accommodation and meals somewhere?

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The driver will usually take care of his own accommodation and meals. If it means that he'll sleep inside the vehicle, he will do that.

It's always better to contact the owners of the house you are renting to see if there's by any chance a place for a driver to sleep. If not, let the driver know in advance so he will be prepared. Make sure he gets some sleep. A drowsy driver is a risk you shouldn't take.

You are not expected to pay for the driver for meals either. However, when I travel with my family, we usually pay the driver for several meals.

Just remember to let him know that he can go and have his meals while you guys are having yours.

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