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In Germany there are many museums about the Second World War and the Nazi regime. But are there also museums about the First World War or at least history museums with exhibitions about the war?

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Interesting question because I was also wondering about a museum which only shows the First World War. I have not found something like that, but there are exhibitions in some museums

Bayerisches Armeemuseum (Bavarian Army Museum), Ingolstadt

Wehrgeschichtliches Museum (Museum of military history), Rastatt

The seemingly best museum is not in Germany, but in Somme, France: "Historial de la Grande Guerre"

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Not in Germany, but within reach: When in school, our class went on a day trip from Germany to Verdun, France.

We visited Fort Douaumont, the Douaumont ossuary, and the museum. Finally - perhaps as a contrast - we went to the city of Verdun, which I remember as picturesque.

I highly recommend visiting the Verdun battlefield if you are interested in WWI trench warfare. Thinking about the visit still gives me chills.

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Schools go on day trips to other countries? Wow. – Andrew Grimm Mar 13 '13 at 23:01
The school is in a city near the border. – feklee Mar 13 '13 at 23:41

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