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I would like to visit the ancient city of Perperikon in Bulgaria. It's no problem at all to go to Plovdiv or Kardzali, but are there any public transport from there to Perperikon? How much would cost a taxi from Kardzali to Perperikon?

Google is showing a wrong place, here is a better map:enter image description here

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If one is to believe Google it's a 2km from Kardshali to Perperikon, so technically you can walk it. :) – Karlson Mar 5 '13 at 20:01
it's actually 15km from Kardzali, near the village Gorna Krepost – Dirty-flow Mar 5 '13 at 20:09
As I said. If one is to believe Google. – Karlson Mar 5 '13 at 20:25

It seems that there are no direct buses to Perperikon.
I could find only a daily busline from Haskovo (Хасково) to Kardzali (Кърджали) via Stremtsi (Стремци), but the Problem is that Stremtsi is 8km from Perperikon (1-2 hours walking) stremtsi-perperikon Onother way to visit Perperikon is to take a taxi from Kardzali. At the moment the taxi rate is about 0.60 BGN/km (about 0.30 EUR), the distance is about 20km, so it would cost about 7 EUR or even less if you try to deal with the taxi driver.

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good question would be how are you going to return to Kardzali? I suspect the taxi operators will not be very keen on the idea to book a cab for the return route – Phantomazi Mar 14 at 15:16

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