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Some months ago I visited the NS Documentation Center of the City of Cologne. The museum was very interesting for me because the building wasn't destroyed during World War II and I could see the former Gestapo prison with inscriptions and drawings done by prisoners on the walls.

Now I am looking for other museums in Europe dedicated to memorializing the victims of the Nazi regime like prisons and concentration camps where I can see more than just photos and videos, or some memorials built after the war. I want to see the death camps from inside, prison cells or gas chambers.

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Too short for an answer, I think, but this certainly is said to be an impressive one: – Bernhard Mar 4 '13 at 9:45
the list of concentration camps has almost no end. I "liked" Buchenwald, near Weimar. – greg121 Mar 4 '13 at 10:31
@Karlson I'm looking for buildings that have survived during the WW2 and not only some monuments that are build later – Dirty-flow Mar 4 '13 at 13:27
@Dirty-flow - I would consider to change the title. It's not really 3rd Reich museums that you are looking for but rather Nazi prisons and camps. Or am I wrong? – André Peseur Mar 4 '13 at 21:14
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  • In Krakow, PL, you can visit the Schindler's Factory, about what Schindler did to save jews giving them jobs. A really good museum.

  • In Oświęcim, PL, you can visit Auschwitz concentration camp (Auschwitz is the german writing of the town's name), you can go there from Krakow or Katowice by bus or train. You will see the horror factory-sized.

  • In Budapest, HU, you can visit the House of Terror, which is about Arrow Cross Party, the hungarian national socialist party.

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The House of Terror is mostly about the victims of the communists. – vsz Mar 4 '13 at 15:16
In Poland there is also Stutthof concentration camp that is 34 km east of Gdańsk. – Rabbit Jun 11 '13 at 9:52

The locations are very well known. Just as a starting point you can take a look at the Map as of 1942, so using the map and in addition to @travelot answer:

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Fort Breendonk is probably not the most famous Nazi camp out there, but it is well preserved and far from being the least interesting to visit.

The Hadamar Euthanasia Centre can be visited too. It is a psychiatric hospital today but has a memorial. And it is not too far from Mainz. Can be done on a day trip.

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Terezin (Czech Republic), former Jewish Concentration camp and a prison. Terezin is a fortress town from 18th century. Features:

  • Guided tours in the prison (in former military area).

  • Large Jewish cemetery.

  • Several buildings in the town are devoted to the Museum of Holocaust.

More info: Theresienstadt concentration camp, Terezin Memorial

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In the Netherlands the former camp Westerbork is now a memorial/museum. There are other memorials at the former camp Amersfoort, I think at Vught, and at several relevant places (like the execution grounds at Waalsdorper plain near the Hague where hundreds were brought from prisons to be shot).

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