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I want to book a room in a hotel in Germany, But I'm not sure how trustworthy the information on their websites is.

Have you ever booked a room in a hotel online? If so, did it come across as described.

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I would not give to much about the official information on those sites, since it's mostly marketing and/or eventually a few years old and the owner never updated it on mayor booking sites.

Fun fact: there is a marketing language in the travel industry; for example "central location" for a hotel could mean that it gets a lot of traffic or street noise all day long, and you might have trouble sleeping, while "quiet area" can mean that you won't have any public transport or other facilities nearby.

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+1 for central location :D – Yousf Feb 12 '13 at 23:01

More than the information listed on a hotel's website, I would trust peer reviews from tripadvisor. Not only is the site worthwhile to check hotel reviews, but more often than not, you can also get information about the location where it is based, things to do in the vicinity (and traps to avoid), etc.

The hotel websites are mostly filled with marketing information intended to draw in clients.

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Unfortunately, tripadvison and similar sites are often filled with fake reviews paid for by the hotels. "Online Reputation Management" is a big business nowadays... – Michael Borgwardt Feb 7 '12 at 11:08

I usually book hotels via booking sites (most often They usually have at least as good prices as the official sites and have visitor reviews. As an extra step I usually go to the hotel's own website (after I've chosen a couple of candidates) to see additional photos, actual information, etc. I once almost booked a hotel, but then went to the official site and saw a notice that pool area is closed for reconstruction. That wasn't an issue in my case, but could've been a dealbreaker for others.

The bottom line is: I would use non-official respectable sites for initial selection, but check the official hotel's site for more details and last minute information.

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I've found those "visitor reviews" unreliable since a hotel asked us to write a good review for them as a pay back of a special service they provided. I believe some reviews must be fake in booking websites. – Gigili Apr 14 at 19:52

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