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I really like the Portuguese language, but if I want to be understood in all Portuguese speaking countries (e.g. Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique), would it be enough to speak "Portuguese" Portuguese? If not, would learning Brazilian Portuguese be a better alternative, given the huge soap opera industry in Brazil.

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The answer is yes, but you will have to speak a bit slower to most Brazilians, since they are not so used to listening to Portuguese with "Portuguese accent".

The other way around is easier because Portuguese people are used to listen to Brazilian accent in soap operas.

In Angola, Mozambique, etc. differences also exist but the understanding might be a bit easier due to several cultural and historical reasons.

There are also some minor differences in word spelling between countrys but if you learn Portuguese in any Portuguese speaking country it should be easy to overcome those differences. With the orthographic agreement recently settled these changes are fading away.

There will still be differences in pronunciation and even specific words in each country but that's the beauty of a language, it's live and dynamic.

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The Portuguese spoken in Mozambique is a little closer to Portuguese spoken in Portugal. You will be understood here if you are trained in 'classic' Portuguese.

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closer than what? Brazilian? You can write it in full, it would be clearer –  Vince Mar 6 at 13:26
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