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I see a lot of interesting fly-drive offers to different regions in the US. They all look very tempting. I would love to do such a road trip. The question is always, where are you going to stay with a rental doing such a road trip. Especially with small children, when you're are not as flexible by sometimes spending one night on a parking in your car.

Could I compare the US to France, where you will almost always find a good bed & breakfast in almost any town?

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First off what are your expectations of the place to stay? B&B, Hotel, Motel? – Karlson Feb 15 '13 at 3:28
Just a safe place to stay. We usually have our tents with us, but where to spent the night while en route? – user141 Feb 15 '13 at 12:24
We did a road trip on the east coast of the usa and canada a few months back and we had no problem getting rooms for the night they were easy to find and 99 % were great ! Enjoy your holiday :) – user4623 Feb 25 '13 at 1:00
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There are great many options along the various highways and byways in the US for lodging, though if you are looking for B&Bs you would have to check ahead because they are usually small and may be booked.

When travelling on the interstates and other divided highways you would see signs like:

enter image description here

This one is to indicate that at exit 14B there is a HolidayInn Express. Of course you could see a sign which will leave you wondering:

enter image description here

But these are rare. Mostly along the roads you will find inexpensive chains like:

and a few others. Most of these are quite clean and safe to stay at though "mileage may vary".

One thing I would suggest is when you are travelling with kids is to actually plan out your route. For example, last year I went to a Finger Lakes region in the 2nd week of July and there was no hotels/motels/B&Bs to be had (except for obscene amounts of money) because of the local festival so check for those first and if possible make reservations ahead of time.

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Hotels along the major highways and interstates are plentiful. My personal recommendation, if you'll be traveling with a smartphone of some sort, is to pull over at a rest stop an hour or two before you intend to finish driving and check out what your options are within 50-100 miles. Most of the major chains have good mobile sites/apps, and free wifi is relatively common at many stops these days as well.

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