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How much does the cheapest train from Milan to Monaco (Ventimiglia) cost?

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on I found they cost 37 to 50 euros (standard adult price). But who knows, maybe you can find a better deal. By the way, Ventimiglia and Monaco are not the same station, tickets are 10 euros cheaper to Ventimiglia (but most trains are through Ventimiglia) – Vince Feb 13 '13 at 14:06
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The possible train solutions can be found in the Trenitalia site.

Currently the cheapest train from Milan to Ventimiglia is the regional train. It takes almost five hours and costs 22.25 euros.

It is possible, anyway, to find some good offers for faster trains at a price lower than the one of the regional train. These discounted seats have some limitations, for example you won't be able to change your reservation without paying an extra fee.

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