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Airlines seem to charge almost as much for a one-way from Europe to the US as for a round-trip, at least in the next couple months when I'm planning to fly.

I discovered Condor Air was a big exception to this, offering one-way Frankfurt -> US flights for much less than a round-trip. This made me hope there were other similar "discount carriers" doing the EU->US trip. I'd prefer to find a carrier flying out of London, Spain or Italy.

Anyone know of other "discount carriers" that fly EU -> US? Or are there other options to get a more "reasonable" one-way ticket?

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Pakistan airlines. Barcelona to Chicago for 300 euro. –  Doc May 15 '13 at 1:46

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Air Transat offers flights to Canada (Paris-Montreal can be quite cheap out of summer, even few days before booking).

Icelandair to North America via Reykjavik (they even offer the possibility for a stopover in Iceland if you want to visit). Icelandair have specific "gateways" on each side of the Ocean, airports for which they have more frequent and cheaper flights.

Both airlines have reasonable prices for their One-Way flights (still not much less than 400 euros)

I also once flew over the ocean booking via Hipmunk and the deal was great, but I don't know how often that happens.

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Disclaimer: I actually never booked a single flight through them.

Rome2Rio gives the following prices for single routes:

I didn't enter specific dates.

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