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I know that most of the skiing in India is up in the Himalayas, but given that Bangalore is quite high to start with (~900m), and there are higher hill stations nearby... Is there anywhere near to Bangalore where it's possible to ski? Or is the only option to take a train/fly all the way up to the north of India?

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Bangalore has a higher-than-average elevation over sea level because it's part of a plateau - the Deccan Plateau. This elevation and local weather conditions do not cause snowfall in the region. The highest mountains in the vicinity are part of the Nilgiri mountain range and they don't really get any snow (if my memory of geography class and my travels around Nilgiris serve me right). In fact, with the exception of the Himalayas range, there are hardly any skiing sites in India.

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Weather Forecast site gives ski resorts close to Bangalore:

  • Closest ski resort: Auli (India) 1968 km
  • Second closest ski resort: Kufri (India) 2027 km
  • Third closest ski resort: Manali (Himachal Heli-Ski) (India) 2147 km
  • Fourth closest ski resort: Solang Valley Ropeway & Ski Centre (India) 2152 km
  • Fifth closest ski resort: Gulmarg (India) 2367 km

It also gives mountains close to Bangalore:

  • Closest mountain peak: Doddabetta (India) 197 km
  • Second closest mountain peak: Nilgiri mountains (India) 199 km
  • Third closest mountain peak: Mullayanagiri (India) 207 km
  • Fourth closest mountain peak: Pushpagiri (India) 208 km
  • Fifth closest mountain peak: Brahmagiri (hill) (India) 210 km
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No, it doesn't snow in South India. You gotta go Up North (Kashmir).

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