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I want to go to Prague for a few days and do there some geocaching. I need therefore SIM card with internet package or internet flat rate. I don't think the traffic generated while geocaching will be more that 50MB a day, so 200-300MB package instead of flat rate would be also reasonable.

So I want to use only internet, only for a few days, I want to pay as little as possible and the SIM card should be relatively easy to purchase (on train station, for example).

What's the SIM card that fulfills my criteria at best?

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Aha, a site that @Ankur only just showed me earlier this week comes in handy in answering!

The Pay as You Go Sim with Data Wiki's page on the Czech Republic would appear to answer your question.

You have three main choices - O2, Vodafone and TMobile.

It appears... that O2 might be the best option, as it looks like their acceptable use policy is that once you've used the small amount of data a day, the speed throttles down. Best to confirm this when you buy, of course. If all you're using it for is a little geocaching, you may not need much data and this could work?

(as an aside, why do you need data to geocache? If you have predownloaded maps (eg Navdroyd app on Android), then all you need is GPS reception, which doesn't use data...)

However, obviously it'll depend on what else you want it for, for how long, and what speeds, so I suggest having a look at the page and seeing what suits best.

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I'm using Locus, the problem is with GeoCaching.com the caches can't be exported to GPX (at least I don't know about it) and must be downloaded on-place based on GPS location. Second, the images are not downloaded both with Locus addon and OpenCaching export, they are downloaded when you open cache description. –  Lukasz Jan 27 '13 at 8:02
Ah, fair enough. I have friends who cache, but I've never gotten into it yet. –  Mark Mayo Jan 27 '13 at 8:06
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