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There is a train line from Bishkek to Balykchy, on Lake Issyk-Kul, in Kyrgyzstan.

The train leaves Bishkek at 6.40am, and takes around 4 hours. This is slower than minibuses or shared taxis, which I took from Bishkek TO the lake, but it's meant to be a really nice train trip, and I'd like to take it back on Sunday.

However, not being in Balykchy myself, I can't find the timetable for the return train - aside from 'in the afternoon' (which I'm assuming because we passed a train going in the other direction while in the minibus today).

If someone can find the timetable, I'd be highly appreciative!

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According to this blog (Saturday, 16 July 2011)

  • From June, 17 to July 17: On Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • From July, 18 to August, 31: everyday

From Bishkek: 06.25, From Balykchy: 16.47. Tickets are: adults - 69 soms, children - 35 soms.

Support phones: 0312 418 107, 0312 664 808.

See also: Official approval (Whole site in Russian)

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Will be trying this tomorrow (Sunday), here's hoping! :) Thanks for the research! – Mark Mayo Jul 23 '11 at 12:18
and can confirm it left exactly at 16.47 :) – Mark Mayo Jul 30 '11 at 19:29

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