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Can I get a Euro Rail Pass in France considering that I haven't applied for it in my native country i.e. India?

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what does "applied for it in my native country" mean exactly? – jberger Dec 14 '12 at 22:34

Yes, but you may have less options and pay more:

Visit a Eurail Aid Office if you need help with your Eurail Pass, or if you arrive in Europe without having purchased a pass. Eurail Aid Offices are almost always located within large train stations; consult the list at // to find one in your country of origin or destination.

If you cannot find a Eurail Aid Office in your country, Eurail recommends asking for help at the international ticket window in a large train station.

The only Eurail passes available for purchase in Europe are: single-country passes to Romania, Portugal, Norway, Italy, Ireland, Hungary, Greece and Croatia; multiple-country passes for Hungary-Romania, Greece-Italy, Austria-Hungary, Croatia-Slovenia-Hungary or Austria-Croatia-Slovenia; Eurail Select Passes, and the Eurail Global Pass. has a list with offices where you can buy the pass but they say:

Online Eurail.Com prices are on average 20% lower than the prices charged at European train stations. Not all Eurail passes are for sale in Europe.

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From my experience, you can. I'm from New Zealand, and bought my 10 day Eurail pass in Luxembourg last year. I used it in Luxembourg, Germany and Poland, but could have used it in any of the other Eurail zone countries.

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