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I've been looking for ways to travel from Ha Tien to Kep. Most of the information suggests motobikes (which sound high risk) or busses, which don't go until noon, and I was hoping to get away earlier than that. Are there other options, such as taxis or tuk tuks? I don't mind getting one to the border, and then another on the other side if necesary.

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The Minibus from the Oasisbar in Ha Tien to Kampot via Kep leaves at noon as I mention in this answer. Though the motorbike taxis leave whenever you want. And yes it is not as safe as in a car. Though the driver can take your backpack between his legs in front of him like shown in the picture.

enter image description here

So you either take a little risk or get the minivan at noon. :-) I took a motorbike taxi quite a few times and kinda like it.

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