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I arrive at Frankfurt international airport in the morning (9 am) and I have to wait 10 hours until my next flight. Also I don't have a visa to get out of the airport. What is the best way to get some sleep in the airport?

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On the official website there is some info, but I don't find it very helpful – Dirty-flow Nov 26 '12 at 9:21
Having been there, I found none. At least none where I would feel somewhat confident that my bags would still be there when I wake up. – TC1 Nov 26 '12 at 9:58
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According to, there are some seats without armrests in the hall between Terminal C and B, and security and cleaning staff will probably not bother you. Additionally, there are two lounges that are open to everyone (for a fee)

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It's good to find a corner or a place near the wall and lay there. You can use your rucksack as a pillow, not very comfortable, but assuring, that noone would take it away. But you shouldn't be concerned about robberies in Germany. It's good to have a sleeping pad for such situations.

It's quite normal in such places, that there are a lot of people having to wait long. And some of them are tired. In case someone makes you problems, you can say you have pain in the back because of sitting too long.

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