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What SIM card would you recommend for smartphone user for the travel in Germany?

It would be probably the only or the most important connection to the Internet, so large amounts of data and relatively fast transfer is an issue.

There's a need to stay in touch with friends and family, so the calls to the other EU-countries should be as cheap as possible.

According to the first criteria, I've found T-Mobile offer interesting. The internet costs 10 Euro/month and after reaching transfer limit it stays relatively fast. According to tests (Galileo from Pro7, AFAIR) it has also the best coverage. However, calls to other countries are very expensive.

According to second criteria, Lebara and Mobilka are interesting. The calls are very cheap, but there are problems with signal strength in many locations, where T-Mobile has no problem. The voice quality, at least in Lebara, is also limited. They both have the offer of mobile internet with unlimited transfer, but after reaching the high speed limit, the transfer is reduced to 64kbps, which is too slow.

I've found out that O2 has foreign calls in moderate price, but I haven't yet checked for details. There are so many other options, that it is hard to compare them all without spending the whole weekend on it. So, if someone has found the better option as having 2 sim cards and constantly switching them, this answer would be greatly appreciated.

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Just a thought, could you use T-mobile and then use skype (or similar)? I've done this a lot, both in my own country and when traveling. –  Alendri Nov 23 '12 at 1:54

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I can recomend you to buy a SIM-card from Aldi talk or Fonic

  • Alditalk: 11 cent/min & sms in Germany, 12 cent/min to EU-landline, and 29 cent/min to EU-mobile. There is also 1500MB high speed data package for only 10 Euro. The signal strength is not the best(E-Plus network) but it's OK

  • Fonic: 9 cent/min & sms in Germany and EU-landline, 29 cent/min to EU-mobile. 500MB high speed package for 10€, but the first month is free.The signal is a little bit better that Alditalk(Fonic is using the O2 network)

  • T-mobile has indeed the best signal stregth, but they are much more expensive

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I've had a good experience with Fonic. They also have a very convenient website (though it is in German, it's usable through Google translate), which allows you to perform almost all the actions you might need. Also, they have a customer service number which (usually after only a short wait) gets you straight to an English-speaking human. This is a big plus for non-German speakers who can't get through the automated voice menu in German. –  Joe Dec 3 '12 at 10:39

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