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My passport was stolen in Prague on my way to Vienna. I filed a police report and our embassy swiftly acted by giving me a temporary passport for my onward journey to Munich and Rome. Upon exit from Rome, the immigration ask for the Schengen visa, when I told him that I lost my passport, he did not ask for any document to support my claim, he just stamped my new passport with exit. I am not sure if on record, I am officially out of the Schengen area or not. I am scared that without the lost visa, it appears that I am still in the area and might reach the 90 day limit and will be denied when I re-apply as it would appear I broke the rule. What to do?

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If you're denied, can't you then provide both the police report and the atemped-on-exit new passport to show that you left? –  Kate Gregory Nov 9 '12 at 20:03
Thanks Kate, but I need to know ahead, because denial due to overstaying will take all my chance of getting another Schengen visa in the future. Anyway, I will contact the Greek consulate that issued me the visa. I hope it reflects in their system. –  Victor Nov 10 '12 at 19:25
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Contact your local embassy or consulate. They should have record of your lost passport and you can show them your exit stamp.

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