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The large horse rider monument located in Quanzhou, China here: Google Maps

Is this monument depicting Koxinga or someone else?

Can't find wiki articles or something in English.

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Yes, yes it does. If you click layers on Google Maps, and the Wikipedia layer, you'll also get photos taken in the area. Several are from Panoramio, and are labelled "Zheng Cheng Gong" - see an example.

From Wikipedia:

Koxinga (Lord of the Imperial Surname) is the customary Western spelling[8] of the popular appellation of Zheng Chenggong,

So it would appear we've found our match :)


If you then look at the Wikipedia page for Quanzhou, it informs us that:

Notable Modern cultural sites include: Da Ping Shan - The second tallest hill within the city limits, crowned with an enormous equestrian statue of Zheng Chenggong.

So that would seem to add confirmation to my findings.


I've also found the following:

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My link to the map contained these photos of Panoramio. My friend was also told that this is Koxinga. So I am looking for additional confirmation, not only from tourists. For example monument caption or something. – Suzan Cioc Nov 5 '12 at 11:55
@SuzanCioc Generally a few independent tourists agreeing together would be correct, but I concede I've seen them wrong before. After a bit more research I've added another source, this time from a Wikipedia page. Hope that helps! – Mark Mayo Nov 5 '12 at 12:06
and a few more sources added now – Mark Mayo Nov 5 '12 at 12:09

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