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A friend of mine is in Indonesia and attempted to get an extension to his single entry visa a day before it was due to expire, instead of an extension he was given a receipt to replace his passport(Australian).

Exact text of his FB post:

Ok, strangest thing I've had to do in Indonesia is hand my passport to some guy to get an extension on my visa because the Immigration officer told me they couldn't do anything because my visa ends tomorrow. Now I have a little receipt replacing my passport. Oh gosh

Is this the normal procedure?

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maybe a duplicate of… – Adrien Be Jul 4 '15 at 5:18
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They returned to the immigration office asked some questions and apparently the receipt tells them to come back on Thursday (4 days time) to collect their passports.

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lol. yeah, seems rather a normal procedure. It seems like this process usually takes about 1 week. You can do it yourself (deal with the Indonesian administration & transport to get there) or simply ask a local travel agency to do it for you (the simplest/worry-less option). These guys from StartUpTakeOff explain more in this video – Adrien Be May 25 '15 at 15:09

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