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I've found a way for people who can sleep on overnight buses/coaches to save time and accommodation by taking night coaches out of London.

I've haphazardly found Plymouth-Penzance, Liverpool-Blackpool and Glasgow-Edinburgh by guessing that they're cities large enough and far away enough to possibly have such service, but is there a quick way to find a list of all UK overnight services by National Express, Megabus, Easybus etc to places tourists are likely to visit?

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What is your definition of night? departing after what time and arriving at the destination after a a minimum time (ie a service departing after 8pm that doesn't arrive before 6AM) Second are you interested in destination only in the UK or are you interested in coaches to Europe? – Stuart Oct 10 '12 at 12:31
Let's say any time between 8 pm and 6 am is fine, but I'm flexible. I was thinking of only UK coaches — anywhere not needing a passport. – Gnubie Oct 11 '12 at 18:43
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I found that searching for -2 on finds night coaches from London, but it's quite hard to read and I don't know how up-to-date it is. Anything better?

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