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So after having to dash back to Dushanbe for some emergency medical supplies, I'm now short on time - and won't fit in the Pamirs this trip...but I'll HAVE to come back :)

Anyway, I now need to get to Bishkek. I have a valid Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan visa. I'm on a New Zealand passport. I'd really like to go overland rather than flying, despite the pain of the roads ;)

Is there a train option that I can do - I gather it's possible via Uzbekistan but I may have to get a transit visa for that...and failing this, what's the shortest route by car, and which border would be open into Kyrgyzstan?

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Unfortunately, there aren't many local trains from Dushanbe. One of them goes to the Konibodom, but it doesn't got very straight, and just once a week (and sometimes it doesn't go at all).
So all I can suggest instead of M41 (Pamirs highway) is to go via A372 to Osh, and from there take a car or bus to Bishkek. But I can't get any news from this region to define if there any troubles or not.

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