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participate in meta

Privilege type: Communication privilege

Awarded at: 5 reputation

What is meta?

Meta is our community for discussing the site itself, including bugs, feedback, and governance issues.

When should I visit meta?

  • to provide feedback
  • to report a bug
  • to suggest changes to the community
  • to discuss how the site works

Where is meta?

There is a link to meta in the footer of every page. The link also appears in the Stack Exchange site switcher (top left in the header) and under the "help" menu (top right in the header).

Our meta naming convention is standard across all sites. The meta site for this site resides at:

Why do I need 5 rep to post there?

The following applies to all per-site Metas except Stack Overflow. You do not need Stack Overflow reputation to post on its Meta, and your rep on its Meta isn't tied to the parent site.


Your reputation on meta is the same as your reputation on the parent site.

You can always read meta with no rep at all.

Because we allow anonymous participation, we require a small bit of parent site reputation to prevent spam, and ensure that meta is for active, engaged members of the community.